Supporting TJ McDowell

1. Sliding Scale Fee Consultations- It's every counselors dread to have to think about finances interfering with their client relationships. I'm offering these subscriptions as a way for people who believe in what I do to help support me offer services to those for whom money may be a barrier to care.

2. "Self Care" Content Creation - Largely what I do to take care of myself has been adapted to the world of digital media. I hope to share this with others and make a broader impact in the worlds of mental health, spirituality, politics, trading, etc..etc...


Here's The Deal...

I'll admit it. I am not a person who naturally reaches out for any kind of help or support so this is very awkward.  In fact, this is exactly the type of difficult thing I need to challenge myself to do to grow (noticing a pattern here yet?)

All donation levels get the same bonus- nothing. Everyone who comes here is equal regardless of contribution. 

All of it goes to the same place- There is one bank account. There is no way just to support one thing or the other. Reasonable transparency will be provided to subscribing members at you're request.

THIS IS NOT FOR CONSULTATIONS - This is purely your charitable support, no business arrangements will be made this way. To learn more about consultations click here.

The subscriptions expire automatically - As the amount subscribed for increases, the length of time of the subscription decreases. I work better under pressure. So when the time comes to decide to renew, I genuinely want you to reflect on if what you've experienced through my site was worth it to you.

Thank you so much!

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