Tangent: A Boy And His Shadow

Updated: May 21

The last day I was in an abandoned house in Camden the room was decorated with Tinker Bell decorations. The girl who lived there's name was Jackie, as evidenced by the bedroom door which had the girls name stenciled in pink bubbly letters. The door was off its hinges and balanced in the corner. I spent some time reading the messages her friends had written on it, dated just a few months before, expressing how much they'd miss her once she moved.

It was a weird feeling looking around at needle caps, baggies, piss bottles, and other garbage while studying the fact that a teenage girl who liked Disney lived there just like 8 months before. When the sex worker who'd brought me there for shelter later saved my life again, in my mind I'd picked the image of Tinker Bell to always remind me of that terrifying, harrowing experience.


The lost boys didn't refuse to grow up, they couldn't.

Autism Spectrum, ADHD, Tic Disorder, Intellectual Disabililties, Learning Disabilities, Conduct Disorders.... they're all - d e v e l o p m e n t a l - which means that some part of that person's cognition, behavior, sense perception, emotions, etc..etc.. has only matured up to a certain point and likely will not develop much further throughout the course of that person's life.

Neverland isnt an escape from growing up or taking responsibilities, its an analogy for a place where "different" ppl can be themselves with eachother in their weird, unique, immature ways.

Through the pandemic shitstorm we've been through I think a lot of us, neurodivergent or otherwise, are ready to just be unapologetic about who the fuck we are. To show that the substanceless standards that excluded us in the name of "social order" have been shown to be utter fucking nonsense.

It's time to manifest neverland.

Enter Peter Pandemic.

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